I usually don't write advertisement texts. I'm just an every-day polish driver, who came to US, and started a limousine renting company. Anyway what I'm trying to tell you now is so important, that I'm writing it most sincerely, as if we were speaking face to face. Many people ask me about the limousines I rent. I used to try and try to gain people's interest and tell them all about my limos, but I simply can't do in a way that would impress anyone. I'm just not a good salesman. Still, there is one thing I can do. I can prepare for you a trip of your life. I can give my passengers a friendly polish driver, free alcohol, fully allowed smoking and extreme travel comfort. I can give you a warm atmosphere and wild, ecstatic joy. I know which limos serve the best comfort and which would make a smashing impression on your family and friends. Really, I am a poor salesman. I can only tell you now, sincerely and from the bottom of my heart that I gave everything I could to my passion - LIMOUSINES - to provide you the best transport in Chicago in every possible way. Just recently I paid [xyz] dollars, so you can have the opportunity to take a ride in the newest, biggest and fully equipped Hummer. And besides that one I also have [abc] other limos for you to choose from. I cannot explain this any better, you just have to experience the luxury yourself. So feel free, and save a copy of my business card and call me. And while your at it - book a reservation. I'm more then sure, that you'll be most delighted

Marcin Szpak, Company Owner

Your Chicago Limo 2007